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Posted: December 09, 2015

It is never easy to see your child going through major life struggles. Sadly, one of the most common issues facing young children at school is bullying. The negative physical and emotional repercussions of this kind of treatment can lead to lasting harm. We at Karate Atlanta have some tips for you if your child is being bullied.

Get All the Facts

With the term “bullying” being thrown around so much, some people are accused of being bullies who really aren’t. If your child claims to have been bullied, make sure to get all the facts of the situation. Find out if your child had shown any signs of aggression before the bad behavior began. Find out who was involved and what caused the altercations. The more you know about the situation, the better equipped you will be to handle it in a healthy way.

Involve Parents

This is awkward; we know. It can be so hard to contact the parents of your child’s peers. What can help you to make the call and get the ball of communication rolling is to think about what you would want if your child was being a bully. Most parents would want to be made aware of their child behaving in this way.

Involve Teachers

The teachers at your child’s school are there to teach, but also to protect. There is a lot on their plates, so they may not be aware of the bullying problem. By making them aware, you can have more eyes and protective agents on the situation to keep it from escalating.

Enroll Your Child in Self-Defense Classes

Martial arts boy. Little boy training karate while isolated on white background Martial arts boy. Little boy training karate while isolated on white background[/caption]

Once you have made the steps to get the situation dealt with on those basic levels, it is time to work to strengthen your own child against such treatment. We offer some excellent self-defense classes for kids in Peach Tree City. In these classes, your child will learn how to stand up for himself, and will gain the mental confidence and the physical strength to back up his words with actions. All of your efforts to smooth things over will help, but it is doubtful they will keep any future bullying from happening. Learning self-defense skills can help your child live without the constant fear of bullying.

Of course, we know that every situation is different, as every child is different. There are no hard-and-fast rules to helping a child heal from this kind of emotional and physical trauma. However, we’ve found that if these suggestions are taken seriously, they can offer a lot of help.