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Posted: December 11, 2015

Do you want to have a basic knowledge of simple karate moves? It can come in handy and is useful to know even though you hope you never have to use them. Here are a few basic moves you should know.

Proper Stance

Before doing any actual karate moves, it all starts with the proper stance. You must be stable and have a proper relationship between your feet and the floor. In order to do any other moves efficiently, your body must be completely balanced.


Karate isn’t just about offensive moves; you need to be able to defend yourself as well. Proper blocking can save you from serious injury and it isn’t hard to do. Proper blocking for the top of your body is done by relaxing your shoulders, keeping your arms about 10 centimeters away from your body and at a 45-degree angle. Another block that protects the middle of your body is done by making a fist with your palm facing upwards and reacting to the attacker’s moves.


Kicks can be made even more effective by putting your entire body weight behind them. Thrust your leg straight out in front of you, using power from the rest of your body as well as your leg. It will result in more force than you probably thought possible.A snap kick is another technique that provides a great amount of force with a simple movement. Bring your kicking foot up to the knee and then thrust your hip forward and whip your kicking foot forward at the same time, leading with the ball of the big toe. Just before your foot reaches maximum extension, pull it back and then try to retract your foot faster than you extended it. Your foot will be comparable to a snapping towel—which really hurts!

Upper Body

Karate Atlanta_October_Basic Karate Moves to Know_Image 2No matter how strong you are, your elbow is a great point of impact. You can use your elbow as a weapon by thrusting it out in front of you in a quick motion to use the maximum amount of force.If an attacker is running toward you, you can ward him off with a palm heel strike. Simply place your palm up and thrust it at the attacker’s face.For a basic punch, hold one fist up as if you just threw a punch with the other fist tightly at your side. Now, draw that fist at your side forward while the other is drawn back. Both arms should slide against your torso while in motion.

Mastering the Moves

If you want to master these moves, the best way is to take karate lessons. There are karate classes for kids and adults here at Karate Atlanta and elsewhere that teach these important techniques.